The easiest way to find out if your service is valuable is to ask your customers.  I always am in communication with clients throughout the week but I decided to ask this offseason for feedback.  When your plays win, when you provide insightful write-ups, and when your clients are satisfied, you know you are doing something right.  Whether you are a professional gambler, a moderate player or a weekend sports-junkie betting smaller amounts, you can turn a profit on the back of Sharp Football Analysis.  One thing that makes me proud is that half of the reviews here mention the "BS" associated with other services.  It's one of the top reasons I entered the business, to help clients find a more successful and less expensive alternative to the scam artists who litter the handicapping world, talking big but never backing it up and lying through their teeth.  Here's why Sharp Football Analysis clients don't feel Sharp is one of the best handicappers on the market, he is the one and only best available:

"There are only a few Sports Betting services I have actually tried and STAYED with in the sports betting world. Although I would not like the "secret" to get out there, its eventually going to. If you are looking for the best NFL capper in the current market it's not close:  Sharp Football Analysis"

"Members" formerly of ,  Las Vegas, Nevada

"Though I'm young, I have been an avid sports betting enthusiast for years. I've tried all the bulls-it systems out there and have never appreciated anyone of them because they try and sell hype and make false claims with unproven stats and acting as if they're something they're not to get you to spend money. Until I met Sharp. His first four plays blew me away because they won and won in the manner he said they would. Even when I disagreed with his picks. I realized fast not to. I just bet the plays because there's no denying his ability to break down a NFL game is one in a billion. From customer service to the most natural talent I've ever seen at picking games. He's truly a one of a kind analyst and I consistently make money with him year in year out. Forget the hype. Try him. That's all I can say."

Jerry, Las Vegas, Nevada

"In my experience, I have never seen a service with such a high win percentage year in and year out.  I've been following Sharp through various mediums for the last half decade, and the end result is always the same.  PROFIT.  This is not a service charging $50 a pick, going 15-10 over 21 weeks and bragging about hitting 60% either.  There are hundreds of plays per season that hit at an alarming rate all for a VERY reasonable price.  The information behind the pick by itself is worth the price of admission, and Sharp is very accessible if you are new to the show and have questions.  Whether you want detailed analysis, sides, computer totals(overs system is unreal), trends, it is all here in one package.  If there is a better service out there, please let me know because I've been wagering on the NFL since I was in grade school, and have yet to find anyone better."

Wally Digital

"I first leaned of Sharp on a radio talk show and was immediately impressed with the knowledge and openness with which he spoke. I dug a little deeper on the web site and found that what was on the show was only the tip of the iceberg. In addition to the knowledge and insights I had seen, I found that Sharp was honest and completely aboveboard. Unlike so many others, he delivered exactly what he promised! No double talk, giving one side or total to some and the other side to others, no "bait-and-switch" with subsequent sales calls with supposed "better" games for more money and no BS or excuses. With Sharp, what you see is what you get and what you get is good! Let's be real, you can't always predict what someone else will do but if you want honest serious information then look no further."

Joe, Maryland

"Most betting handicapping services are full of guys who are slimier than a used car salesman.  I'm sure you know the type.  Telemarketers who try to get you to buy a subprime mortgage back security while at the same time short the real estate bubble.  Sharp not only cuts through the BS and rhetoric, he gives you all the facts and trends you need to know and explains the reasoning behind his picks.  His transparent and honest approach has set the standard in the industry.  Did I mention that the guy knows how to pick winners!! "

Ted, London, UK

"Sharp's extremely detailed analysis of trends are the best I've seen in the business. It is clear that he spends countless hours researching the teams, players and trends for each of his weekly picks. You can count on his plays being released in a timely manner. In an industry full of scam artists and shady business practices, Sharp Football Analysis stands out as the #1 source for honest and accurate information."

M. Davis, Virginia

" I've been betting football for over 30 years and during that time have been involved with a lot of football prognosticators. But I have never found one that consistently produces winners like Sharp Football. The analysis is spot on and the winning percentage is phenomenal...especially the Overs. They are money makers and I hit them really hard whenever they pop up! I highly recommend Sharp Football Analysis!"


"After purchasing week passes for the first 4 weeks of the NFL season, I have just signed up for the rest of the year. Having followed and even known personally some other self-proclaimed "wiseguys," I'd like to say that your service absolutely crushes the competition. You release plays early and efficiently, you break them down to unparalleled depths, you are transparent and honest regarding your plays rather than sleezy, cocky, and obnoxious. Best of all... you win. I'm a very small stakes, recreational player ($20 units) and I still find your service worthwhile. You win at a rate that I can still profit from, and as an avid football fan, your regular analysis and insight makes following the league that much more fun. Since signing up for your service I have been singing your praises to any and all of my friends who will listen and I thought I should share my thoughts."

John - Baltimore, MD
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"I've been betting football for over 30 years and during that time have been involved with a lot of football prognosticators. But I have never found one that consistently produces winners like Sharp Football...."
Joe, MD
"In my experience, I have never seen a service with such a high win percentage year in and year out. I've been following Sharp through various mediums for the last half decade....."